Going Solar: The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels and Battery Storage

With electricity rates on the rise, more homeowners are looking to solar power as a way to save money on their energy bills. Installing solar panels and a battery storage system on your home can provide many benefits beyond just lower electricity costs. Here are some of the top reasons to go solar:

Cost Savings

The main motivation for most homeowners to go solar is to reduce their electricity expenses. Solar panels can generate a significant portion or even all of the electricity needed to power your home. This allows you to reduce your grid-supplied electricity usage, saving you money month after month. With net metering, any excess solar energy produced is fed back into the grid and credited on your utility bill.

a house with solar panels on the roof and a solar paneled roof
a house with solar panels on the roof and a solar paneled roof

Federal Tax Credit

There is currently a 26% federal tax credit available for installing solar panels on your home. This credit can reduce the cost of a solar system by nearly one third. The tax credit applies to both the solar panels and battery storage system. There is no cap on the credit amount for residential solar installation.

Owning Your Power Supply

One of the best parts of having solar with battery backup is knowing that you own your electricity supply. This means your rates will not be at the mercy of the utility company's rate hikes. As electricity costs continue to trend upwards, your solar system's output will remain consistent and inflation-proof. Any extra solar energy you produce can even be sold back to the grid for additional savings.

Increased Home Value

Multiple studies have shown that installing solar panels can increase the resale value of your home. Home buyers are increasingly looking for homes with solar already installed. The addition of a solar and storage system shows your home is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Going solar also improves the energy efficiency of your home.

a house with solar panels on the roof
a house with solar panels on the roof

Take control over your electricity bills and get all of these wonderful benefits by installing solar panels and battery storage today! The investment will pay for itself over time in energy savings.

At home For Solar Plan we will work with you to create a custom solar plan for your home based on what you want. We will show you how to own your electricity while your electricity costs will never go up, while paying nothing upfront and out of pocket. Click the button below to find out more and to schedule a free consultation.

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